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Abdul D Tenmakur

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

It was 1993 when sportscaster Buddy Diliberto joked on his radio show that if the Saints ever made it to the

Super Bowl, he’d wear a dress, but he was so big he’d need a tentmaker to put it together. Al d’Aquin called in

that day, spontaneously creating Abdul D Tentmakur, and said he’d be happy to make that dress.

Abdul became a regular on Buddy D’s pre- and postgame shows, later writing a Saints song every week as well.

D’Aquin’s reputation as a Super Fan, entertainer and Buddy D devotee grew. Besides the Super Bowl, his most

memorable Saints moment was on January 31, 2010. That’s when he and Ricky “Mousey” Chiasson stood on

Bourbon Street among the tens of thousands of men who had donned dresses in honor of the late Buddy D’s

Super Bowl vow.

D’Aquin estimates that he’s written over a hundred songs about the Saints, including parodies like “Beat Carolina (like a drum)” and “What I like about Deuce.” His popularity has lead to the release of six CDs, and he donates all the proceeds to charities.

For lifelong fan d’Aquin, the Saints are more than just a football team. He remembers post-Katrina times and the impact Drew Brees and the entire Saints team had on a nearly broken city. He saw how an intense passion for the team had the power to bring people together, infusing a true sense of optimism and pride.


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