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If a Super Fan’s job is to fire up the crowd, then Randy “Elvis Saint” Bonneval is among the best. He’s been

boosting moral with his signature sideburns and kingly impersonations since back in 2002, when he agreed to dress as Elvis for one Saints game.

That one appearance led to another and then another. Now, with more than a hundred games under his gold

belt, the Who Dat King has become a local celebrity, known for shaking it up in The Dome. Jerry

Fontenot even credited Bonneval’s Elvis antics to helping the Saints secure an important win against Atlanta in 2003.

Originally, Bonneval’s game-day costume included a leather jacket (later signed by the Saints 2010 Super Bowl

team). He’s since traded the leather for his bedazzled jumpsuit—a much cooler and more comfortable option

that allows him to bend, pose, strut and jump in true Elvis style throughout the game. At game time, the Who Dat King likes to “roam The Dome,” rousing fans and players alike. Away from the game, he can often be found

participating in local charity events.

It’s not surprising that Randy Bonneval is known and hired nationwide for his amazing portrayal of Elvis. How

lucky that Who Dat fans get to enjoy this King’s moves at every game.


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