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sergeant saint

When Dean Matherne returned from military deployment in 2008, his fellow Saints fans in Section 131 of The

Dome helped convince him to move to Super Fan status. And in 2010, that’s just what he did.

Sergeant Saint’s costume is one-of-a kind. Matherne’s real helmet from Iraq has been painted to look like a Saints

helmet, and he wears a specially made flak jacket with stripes and the Saints emblem. His fleur de lis goggles and the “Domeland Security” embroidered on the back of his jacket are the crowning touches of Matherne’s

costume—though arguably, his Saints bazooka and Who Dat Jeep also play a big part in this Super Fan persona.

Call it superstitious, but on game day, the Sergeant always fills up at the same pump before heading downtown

to begin tailgating. He also never fails to have his photo taken with at least one fan from the opposing team. And

then it’s off to The Dome to rally for the Saints. Rest assured, Who Dat Army—Sergeant Saint’s in the house.


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