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Updated: Dec 3, 2018

It’s only logical that one of the Saints biggest supporters would connect New Orleans’ most famous Mardi Gras

throw with the city’s most beloved team. Enter the Beadman, Saints Super Fan, circa 2014.

Phillip Davis created his first bead costume in the early 2000s in honor of his brother who passed away on Super

Bowl Sunday. After more than a decade of perfecting the costumes that he now makes on a special weaving

loom, Davis crafted his impressive black and gold version to pay homage to the Saints and their fans. His

Beadman Super Fan costume is a showstopper—a handcrafted, fitted armor of more than 30 pounds of Mardi Gras beads that glisten in the sunlight of Champions Square.

Like many of his fellow Super Fans, Davis isn’t in it for the attention or fame. His motivation comes from

inspiring other fans and taking part in many charity events to benefit those less fortunate. In fact, Beadman

rarely attends an actual game; he says the black and gold haven’t typically been victorious when he’s shown up

in the past. Call it superstitious, but after participating in pregame festivities, he retires to watch from the local

sports bar or a friend’s house.


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