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Black & Gold Luchador

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Danny Trent’s two favorite sports happen to be football and wrestling. Add to that his undying devotion to the

New Orleans Saints and a dose of creativity and determination, and you’ve got the Black and Gold Luchador.

A Saints follower since he was six years old and a season ticket holder since 2009, Trent made his first Luchador (“fighter” in Spanish) appearance in 2012. It was the other Saints Super Fans he saw at the games that inspired him to join this dynamic group—an honor he is proud to have achieved. Trent doesn’t miss a Saints home game and tries to attend as many Saints practices as he can. Many of the players know him by name.

One of Trent’s other great passions is helping to raise money and awareness for causes involving cancer

research. He even shaves his head once a year to support one of his favorite charities.

As a lifelong Saints fan, win or lose, Trent also lets others know about his devotion to the team. You might even

see one of his bumper stickers around, featuring his own personal motto, “I roll with the black and gold.”


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