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Chris Canan never actually made the decision to adopt the Coach Super Fan persona. It adopted him. When Sean

Payton was hired in 2006, family and friends called Canan to say the new coach looked just like him. Nicknamed

Coach from that point on, Canan embraced the look-alike theme and began mimicking whatever Payton did.

When Coach Payton changes something he wears, Canan finds that same something. He’s purchased visors,

khaki pants, headsets, chewing gum, black windbreakers and more to make the transformation as realistic as

possible. Ironically, when Payton broke his knee in 2011, Canan also happened to be on crutches for an injury.

This Super Fan’s connection to the Saints runs deep. Canan was born the day before the Superdome opened in

1975. Everything he wears is black and gold. He’s only missed one home game since 1993 and incredibly,

starting in the 2008 season, he even made it to 54 consecutive home and away games.

A professional poker player, Canan has been a season ticket holder since the early 1990s. He’s tried a few

costumes over the years, including a black and gold John McEnroe, but ended up looking like Richard Simmons

when security took his racquet away. The full-on gorilla suit he wore a couple seasons later almost gave him

heatstroke. You can see why being the Coach has its perks


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