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Cyborg Saint

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Costuming as Cyborg Saint has given Ben Collier more than just game-day fame. In his own words, it’s changed

his life forever.

He didn’t grow up a big Saints fan, so it was purely by chance that Collier agreed to take his girlfriend’s extra

ticket to the now-legendary 2006 post-Katrina home game against the Falcons. After experiencing the raw

excitement, tearful crowds and Gleason’s famous blocked punt, Collier swore his unwavering allegiance to the

Saints—a loyalty he transformed into “Super” when he went all out with his Cyborg persona in 2010. His costume is an impressive bionic tribute to the black and gold. Collier hasn’t missed wearing it at a single home game since.

Dubbed “Quiet Ben” as a kid, Collier swears Cyborg Saint has transformed him from an introvert to an extrovert,

bringing opportunities and friendships he wouldn’t otherwise have experienced. It’s allowed him to spend time

with his on-field heroes and hundreds of fans. But the most rewarding part of all this? Helping others. This

Cyborg’s human heart is about as big as they get. Collier feels humbled to be part of a Super Fan group who

doesn’t just go home after the game. Like many of his colleagues, he attends, organizes and promotes charity

events every chance he gets, and has raised thousands for various causes. It’s what’s energized and given him

purpose both in and out of costume. And he can’t imagine life if he hadn’t taken that extra ticket in 2006.


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