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Dat Champ

Second only to his love for the boys in black and gold, is Uland Price, Sr.’s love of wrestling. This, combined with

the admiration he had for the Super Fans he saw at Saints games, inspired Price to create his Dat Champ


It was in 2006, when Sean Payton and Drew Brees joined the team, that Price first began dressing as a true Super Fan. The crowning touch to his costume today is the belt he created after the Saints 2010 Super Bowl win.

The oversized leather belt is an original work of art—a bedazzled tribute to the Saints as World Champions.

The belt was also later signed by Brees and Payton. Price wears it as part of his costume to every home and away game he attends.

Price enjoys participating in lots of fan events and has been a regular at the Saints training camps for more than

10 years. Meeting Drew Brees was a huge highlight of this Super Fan’s career, and he’s also collected plenty of

Saints memorabilia over the years. Inside his Saints man cave are uniforms, footballs, flags, photos and more. And, when it’s not in use, you’ll also find the one-of-a-kind World Champion belt hanging at the entrance to the room.


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