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Dat Man

The similarities between Saints Super Fan Dat Man and the real Batman are a bit uncanny. There’s the strong

jawline and resolute demeanor, as well as the dedicated character and incredible costume. But most amazing, is

the fact that they share the same name!

Bruce Wayne Cotton was born in 1978 and yes, his parents named him after Batman, who became his hero at a

young age. As a kid, Cotton watched his first Saints game and fell in love with the black and gold. Fast forward a

few years and it seems completely logical that he would recreate himself as Dat Man, a synthesis of his home

team and childhood hero. It’s not surprising that his all-time favorite player is Marques Colston, The Quiet Storm.

Also like Batman, the biggest reason Cotton dons a costume is to help others. He lost his own father to cancer

and understands the importance of coming together for a cause. Cotton loves kids and participates in many

associated charity events. He even makes appearances at kids’ birthday parties, donating all the proceeds to

fighting childhood cancer.

For this defender of the Who Dat Nation, game day is a day of rebirth. When he sees the smiles on the kids’ faces and watches all the other incredible fans, it gives him a whole new outlook on life.


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