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Fleur De Gris

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Game day for Greer Griffin always begins with Sunday Mass—definitely a fitting way to start a day filled with Saints. Then she changes into one of her creative Fleur de Gris costumes and heads to Champions Square, where you’ll find her dancing and socializing in true Who Dat style before the game.

Griffin’s been a Saints season ticket holder since 2002. For years she wore the same simple black outfit to games, embellishing it with just a black and gold boa. She later made a Saints Santa hat, which eventually grew to a full-blown Saintaclaus, and started her current costume trend. Griffin kept designing and, just to keep things interesting, began wearing a different costume to every game. From lion tamer to Grim Reaper, this devoted Super Fan never fails to delight. Today she has about a dozen costumes at the ready (plus a couple new ideas still waiting to come to fruition). Fans love to see which one she’ll show up in next.

Deciding on a costume du jour is serious stuff, and Griffin often selects the most appropriate for the situation at

hand. For the oh-so-important Super Bowl showdown, she let Saintsdusa rear her ugly head, believing it was

time for something new and intimidating that would help turn the opponents to stone. Looks like it worked.


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