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Gris Gris Man

“Any and all spells and hexes are performed specifically for the sole purpose of generating an ‘L’ for the opposing

team,” begins the Gris-Gris Man’s pregame mantra.

Dorian Cummings has been costuming as a Saints Super Fan since the early 2000s, but becoming Gris-Gris Man didn’t happen overnight. It was a gradual process that began with a simple loincloth, later followed by a unique headpiece and his own Saints jersey. With the creative efforts of his mom, Cummings eventually added other custom accoutrements to become the full-fledged Gris-Gris Man we see today—an authentic ensemble of face paint, feathers, bells and animal hide.

Cummings wakes early on game day and begins channeling his Native American Pawnee pride before he

costumes at his regular New Orleans watering hole. Then it’s off to The Dome, where he takes his time finding his mojo before taking his seat and letting loose.

Cummings believes in imparting only good gris-gris and glitter within the Who Dat world. In addition to

attending games, he’s a regular at many local benefits and fundraisers. His favorite was a calendar-signing at

Children’s Hospital. The amazing attitude and strength of the kids impressed him beyond words. Just a little

more inspiration for the positive energy he spreads every game day.


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