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Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Helen Centanni’s sister Dottie, was completely devoted to the New Orleans Saints. She followed them from the

time of their inception and each year insisted her boys in black and gold would make it to the Super Bowl.

Sadly, Dottie wouldn’t see the Saints triumphant Super Bowl win in Miami. She passed away in 2009, and it was

in her honor that her sister became a Saints Super Fan. Dottie also loved Disney, so it didn’t take Centanni long

to decide that creating MalefiSaint, a character based on the story of a powerful fairy, would be a fitting tribute

to her sister’s memory.

At first, Centanni wore a black velvet costume like the character in the movie. That proved a bit warm for the

New Orleans climate, so she had a costume made with lighter materials. She added the gold touches, and an

artist friend helped with the painted effects on the spectacular horns. Other fans love MalefiSaint and there are

always lots of photo requests on game day.

Centanni also encourages other women to dress as Super Fans and show their super allegiance to the Saints.

Dottie would have liked that.


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