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Mr. High Five

For Randal Singer, costuming for games is really just about his personal expression for his team. He was never

looking to be in the limelight, and he didn’t intentionally set out to be a Super Fan. He’s just doing what he’s

always done.

Singer’s been a faithful Saints fan since he was a little kid, attending games and dressing up to show his support. His current Mr. Hi Five costume emerged in the season following Hurricane Katrina, and he sees it simply as an evolution of what came before.

Mr. Hi Five is a walking tribute to the things that make The Big Easy unique. From the Saints do-rag to the

nutria-teeth necklace, the Who Dat knuckle rings and the fleur de lis socks tucked into his gold high tops,

Singer’s allegiance to his city and team is unquestionable. He describes his costume as a mix of Dr. John, Ernie K-Doe and Lil Wayne—an impressive combination that he says will always continue to improve.

Oh, and then there’s the car—a sweet 1961 Mercury Comet, beautifully restored in gleaming black and gold and

emblazoned with Saints and Who Dat markings. Just another personal expression of this Super Fan’s super faith.


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