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St Thor

When Brooks Domangue was eight years old, his parents gave him tickets to a Saints playoff game. It was love at first attendance. The experience was magical and he still carries that ticket stub with him everywhere he goes.

It was 2011 when Domangue first dressed as his favorite superhero, Thor, to cheer on his favorite team. He

purchased a standard Thor costume and went to work crafting his own black and gold version and adding a

customized gold cape—or pink when he’s showing support for breast cancer awareness. The helmet is his own

creation, made from fiberglass and sporting decals for Hokie Gajan, Will Smith and Steve Gleason. Look under Saint Thor’s sleeve and you’ll find the signatures of Drew Brees and Jonathan Vilma tattooed on his shoulder—a tribute to them and their team after the Super Bowl win.

On game day, St. Thor (or St. Thorstead as he is sometimes called), always eats the same breakfast, parks in the same spot and makes the same half-mile walk to The Dome with fellow Super Fan, Iron Saint. The walk’s a little long, but for Domangue, it’s his favorite part of the day. He gets to feel the city and the people and see kids’ faces light up. At that point in time, Domangue says, we’re all winners. The fans are in high spirits and Who Dat optimism fills the air.


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