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Saints Joker

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

He doesn’t hunt. He doesn’t fish. He works hard all week, and for enjoyment, Scott McGowan (aka Saints Joker)

spends his free time supporting his beloved Saints football team.

The idea for his prolific Super Fan persona started with an actual Joker costume McGowan wore on Halloween in

2008. On a dare from his brother, he wore the very same costume at the next Saints home game. They won that

day and McGowan was hooked. He began adding black and gold pieces and other special touches, culminating

with a red “Who Dat” scrawled across his forehead. The final result is a ghoulish blend of the iconic modern

Joker and very adamant Saints fan—and that’s just what McGowan’s aiming for, since he believes the purpose of

the Joker is to strike fear into the opponent.

McGowan is dedicated to his Joker role and to his fellow Super Fans, who he affectionately calls his Who Dat

family. He believes in unconditional allegiance to the black and gold and loves encouraging other fans to dress up and show their support as well. According to the Joker, once you cross over and experience the feeling of being a Saints Super Fan, there’s nothing else quite like it.


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