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Updated: Dec 3, 2018

The Roman army depended on centurions for their courage and leadership in the face of strong opponents on

the battlefield. Saints fans rest assured. There are Sainturions among us watching over The Dome’s sacred


Lifelong Saints fan Mark Glorioso created Sainturion after seeing the movie Gladiator in 2000. Two years later,

friend Stephen Leger joined him. Since then, Section 112 of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome has never been quite

the same.

Their costumes are impressive to say the least. Together Glorioso and Leger have perfected black and gold

replicas of the ancient centurion uniform. The imposing armor chest plate was part of Glorioso’s original

costume. Always striving for authenticity, they later added the leather fleur de lis arm and leg bands and

adopted the Sir Saint shields they keep at their sides. The bright gold helmets, complete with a boa and more

fleurs de lis, sit atop their black and gold face paint, leaving no doubt about the warriors’ strong allegiance to

their team. And while they’ve become widely recognized and photographed by Who Dat fans everywhere,

Glorioso and Leger say they’re not in it for the notoriety. It’s all about motivating the fans and supporting the

team they love.


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