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soul saint

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

When Garrett Hartley kicked the 2009 winning field goal that sent the Saints to the Super Bowl, a tear rolled

down the cheek of Saints Super Fan, Soul Saint. To this day, it’s his favorite black and gold moment.

After avidly following the Saints for more than 30 years, something told Soul to elevate his die-hard fan status to

“Super” just before the 2009 season began. So he combined his love for boxing with his passion for the ‘70s and

‘80s soul and disco movements to become the coolest Super Fan around. Soul Saint is also a poet and rapper,

entertaining fans with a rousing rhyme before every game.

Soul’s devotion to the black and gold is about more than just a game look and his customized Saints Harley-

Davidson®. He lost his mom to breast cancer in 2010 and since then, has been committed to donating not only

his time, but 100% of his Soul Saint merchandise proceeds to finding a cure for the disease. Soul also helps

women financially through his latest charity, “I Go Pink.” So add super generous to this Super Fan’s originality

and it’s easy to see how he inspires Who Dats everywhere to get their groove on.


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