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Umbrella Man

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Nelson Savoie loves his Saints. But above all else, he believes in doing for others. From his friend Bobby Hebert,

to Coach Sean Payton and scores of fans and players in between, few can resist Savoie’s endearing Cajun accent

and lust for life.

Savoie’s obsession with the Saints began when they did. In his early twenties, the Houma native would hitchhike

or grab the bus to make every home game. Later he would attend more than 37 seasons of games with longtime

companion, Warren Guidry. Though famous for his custom-made umbrellas, including a design created especially for owner Tom Benson, Savoie made many fan costumes popular over the years. Swamp Dog, Super Fan and a New Year’s Eve Baby with “Poo Dat!” scrawled across the back of his diaper, were just a few. Like most Saints devotees, attending the Super Bowl in 2010 was the highlight of his fan career. He says he purchased practically every piece of Saints memorabilia sold at that game, and then some.

Even when they’re not aware of it, Savoie believes that Super Fans have the power to profoundly touch the

lives of others, especially children. He’s spent most of his own life making people smile and giving back whenever he can. His many costumes may come and go, but there are few men like Nelson Savoie around to remind us how good life can be.


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