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Whistle Monsta

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

The intense sound of a rock concert measures about 110 decibels. An emergency vehicle siren comes in around

115. So when Leroy Mitchell tells you he can whistle louder than the average person, it’s a bit of an

understatement. He set the 2002 world record for the loudest whistle, measuring an astounding 123 decibels.

Mitchell learned to whistle when he was 15, imitating everything from a songbird to a referee’s whistle.

But it was in the Saints dismal season of 1996 that Mitchell, a devoted fan, realized his team could use his help. So he whistled. The fans were enthralled and he became the Whistle Monsta. His superstar persona is now reflected in t-shirts, dolls, bobble heads and more. There’s also a website, fan club and non-profit organization. Hundreds of fans request photos at every game.

Whistle Monsta’s game day costume consists of gold pants, a Saints jersey, black and gold face paint and, of

course, his iconic whistle headgear. Originally designed from chicken wire and papier-mâché, he now has a new

one made of sheet metal every year. His most cherished is the 2010 version signed by the Super Bowl team.

Mitchell’s very serious about his responsibility to motivate fans, and the effect he’s had is powerful. At away

games, he can be so disruptive that officials often try and silence his God-given talent. But hey, you can’t stop a

guy from whistling.


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