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Who Dat Sisters

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

It’s not surprising in New Orleans that a Saints Holy Sisterhood would emerge at some point to help infuse a

little prayer and a lot of faith into every home game.

Sister Mary Who and Sister Mary Dat (aka Judy Caliva and Kathy Markey) made their first appearance when the

Saints reached playoff status in 2009. They added Sister Mary Lombari (Denise Gardner) to their fledgling order

and have been a delightful part of game-day festivities and charity events ever since. Their intentions are of the

purest form. These former Catholic school students and current Catholic school teachers became Super Fans to

show their love and devotion, spread their spirit and bring the team good luck.

The Who Dat Sisters can be found keeping the faith in Section 629, or God’s Country, as they like to call it. Their

matching fleur de lis habits have been updated over the years, but only with their Reverend Mother’s approval,

they joke. Every game day, the Sisters are amazed, humbled and thrilled as they make their way through

Champions Square. Fans from both teams are always eager to take photos with them. And Saints fans

everywhere appreciate this triple dose of devotion behind their team. Amen to that!


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