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who dat warlord

Michael Patnaude can’t remember a time in his life when the New Orleans Saints wasn’t his favorite team. That

loyalty was handed down from his late father who had a deep fondness for Archie Manning—a pretty typical tale

for most of us here in the Deep South, but Patnaude and his family are from Rhode Island, where he still resides.

It takes a great deal of creative planning to catch a televised Saints game in Patriot territory, but Patnaude hasn’t

missed watching a single game in more than 27 years. It was this die-hard dedication, a love for costuming and a big heart that first prompted him to become Who Dat Warlord. Since then, he’s been playing a part in Saints

games and charity events, both in NOLA and from afar.

The Warlord’s costume is uniquely his own. The hat is a true original, specially commissioned by Patnaude, and

designed by a Wisconsin artisan. But for Patnaude, it’s much more than just a great costume and a win for the

team. Participating in his first charity event to fight childhood cancer really hooked this Super Fan, whose own

mom lost her battle with the disease several years ago. As Warlord, Patnaude sees the opportunity to help make

a real difference in the lives of others, even when it involves a super transformation and sometimes travelling

more that 1,500 miles to support his favorite team.


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