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whooty da owl

Some people travel with a St. Christopher medal, others a good luck charm, but Bradley Spieler is probably the

only person in the world who travels with a plastic owl clad in a Saints jersey.

As a doctor, Spieler often journeys to exotic places like Dubai and Budapest. But no matter where he goes, he

takes Whooty Da Owl along, sparking interesting conversations along the way. Whooty, once just an ordinary decoy owl, was found on the street after a win over Carolina in 2009, and was rescued by Bradley and some friends. After the Saints Super Bowl win, Spieler began feeling a little superstitious about his new friend. Thinking that Whooty brought the Saints luck, Spieler took him to New York where he finished his residency. When he returned to the Big Easy at the start of the 2011 season, his winged companion was in tow. It was then that Whooty really came into his own, with a Facebook page, a Twitter account and being named the official mascot of the fan club, The Big Easy Mafia.

What started as a joke has morphed into something so much more than just a plastic owl. Spieler frequently

takes Whooty to different charity events, including Charlie’s Saints Marching Club and Team Gleason

fundraisers. Gleason’s always been a hero and inspiration to Spieler. It’s important causes like these that keep

Spieler and his feathered friend going strong.


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